“It is just as desirable
to build a chicken house as it is to build a cathedral.” - Frank Lloyd Wright

Urban Chicken Keeping

At Pistils, we love our chickens. And we love to spread that love. Especially in these tough economic times … the joy and value you’ll experience in activating your yard to raise a few hens is hard to measure. A steady supply of fresh organic eggs is just the beginning. Don’t get us started about what great pets chickens are and the many ways they can increase the output of your edibles … When Pistils opened for business seven years ago and began offering baby chicks and the related supplies needed for urban chicken keeping, we definitely turned a few heads. At that time, for a lot of people, the idea of raising chickens in the city seemed to be little more than a novelty. In the meantime, Portland has become a hotbed for urban chicken farmers, as more and more people realize the inherent value of city chicken keeping.

Chicken Keeping Supplies

Year-round, we offer a broad range of supplies for the urban chicken keeper. From feeder/water containers, grit, cracked corn, oyster shell and organic feed to books on care and maintenance and how-tos on building the exact style and size of coop you’ll need for your particular set-up, Pistils is here to help you keep your girls happy and healthy.

Pistils’ Pullet Days

Over the last few years, “Pistils’ Pullet Days” has become a very fun and increasingly popular event that we host monthly March through August. Pullets are juvenile hens or female chickens that are less than a year old. This event series arose from our realization that there’s a growing demand among urban chicken keepers for “teenage” hens. Rearing baby chicks requires a lot of time and attention. Starting with pullets or introducing pullets into your existing backyard flock can prove to be much less labor-intensive than working with newborns. Lots of breeds will be on-hand for sale — from classic layers and rare heritage and bantam breeds, as well as ducks on occasion. All birds are guaranteed to be healthy and female.

Further Resources:

Here are few links to chicken keeping sites we dig. If you know of any chicken keeping sites that may be of use to the Pistils’ community, email us.

  • The City Chicken Tons of great down-home info here: thoughtful Q & As, lots of photos and ideas, and many helpful links. A fun and insightful place to explore.
  • Happy Hens Blog This is definitely one of our favorite chicken keeping blogs. A wonderful site for exchanging info and photos and connecting with folks who are sincerely passionate about their backyard flock.
  • Concentrates Concentrates in southeast supports organic agriculture and has a great selection of bulk livestock feeds, pet food, soil amendments and more.
  • Growing Gardens Growing Gardens is a local non-profit that actively supports urban homesteading for a great cause: fighting hunger. On their “chickens” page, you’ll find many valuable resources for chicken keeping.