The work of art is born of the intelligence’s refusal to reason with the concrete. It marks the triumph of the carnal. - Albert Camus


With the well-designed terrarium, there’s this mysterious and beautiful alchemy that occurs where the natural world and the realm of art harmonize seamlessly. As to where one begins and the other ends is anybody’s guess, but one thing’s for-sure: a Pistils-designed terrarium will turn heads in any room.

Living Works of Art

Maybe it’s the alluring assortment of exotic plants that seem to thrive in these warm, diminutive ecospheres. Or maybe it’s that at any given time of day, the refracted light passing through the glass, renders a range of unexpected and thrilling images. Whatever it may be, these living works of art have a certain quality that seems to captivate one and all. At Pistils, we offer a broad and ever-changing variety of distinctive terrariums in glass forms of all shapes and sizes — from timeless hanging globes to beautiful, locally made hand-blown tabletop pieces.

Build Your Own Terrarium

Let Pistils Nursery help you create your own, custom-made terrarium. We offer terrarium-building workshops that walk you through the steps involved — bring your own unique vessel and we’ll provide the instruction, tools, plants and other materials you’ll need to create your very own living work of art. If you’re interested, check out our workshops page for our current schedule. If you don’t have time to make it into one our workshops, not to worry. Stop by the Pistils’ shop any time and we can set you up with the expert guidance, plants, vessels and everything else you’ll need to design and build a terrarium that meets your special requirements and desires. Either way, we look forward to helping you green-up and beautify your interior spaces.