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Pullet Days ~ Embrace Your Inner Teenage Chicken

10:00 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Over the last few years, “Pistils Pullet Days” has become a very fun and increasingly popular event that we host monthly through August. Pullets are juvenile hens or female chickens that are less than a year old. This event series arose from our realization that there’s a growing demand among urban chicken keepers for “teenage” hens. Rearing baby chicks requires a lot of time and attention. Starting with pullets or introducing pullets into your existing backyard flock can prove to be much less labor-intensive than working with newborns. Lots of breeds will be on-hand for sale — from classic layers and rare heritage and bantam breeds, as well as ducks on occasion. All birds are guaranteed to be healthy and female.

At “Pistils Pullet Days,” we’ll have a vast range of breeds in many beautiful colors and unique shapes and sizes on-display and for-sale from very well-respected and passionate local chicken breeders, who are more than willing to talk shop. Even if you’re not an avid chicken keeper, stopping by Pistils on our “Pullet Days” is sure to be a unique and enjoyable experience. Bring your “little ones!”

Pistils’ ‘Pullet Days’ was recently the subject of a feature story in ‘The Oregonian.’ Full story here:

Call Pistils at 503.288.4889 or email us at info@pistilsnursery.com as the date approaches to learn more about the breeds we’ll have on-hand.